Why an Independent Food Supplier?

I’ve been in corporate life ie publicly listed companies since the day I left school (approx 20 years – yikes!!). Was it my dream? Nah, but its where I ended up, and I was good at it. I seemed to be able to understand what customers want and deliver it in a way that benefited both them and the company I worked for. I learned a helluva lot during this time and I am truly grateful for it.

The thing about publicly listed companies is they are designed to reward the shareholders. From what I can understand this is pretty much the basis of capitalism (but don’t get me started on this – that’s a conversation over a nice red or aley pint!) ie shareholders invest equity into the business with a hope/expectation of return. This sorta makes sense (to a degree) but where I think it totally fails is in relation to food and drink and/or nutrition.

The only way you can keep providing a satisfactory return to shareholders is to be constantly growing. You can do this buy selling more or reducing how much it costs to produce the product you are selling. Selling more is based around excess consumption – if you want a interesting read try Salt, Sugar, Fat by Michael Moss. Reducing the costs to produce can be achieved by buying cheaper/nutrient inferior ingredients or imported long shelf life (preservative laden) ingredients…

Our bodies are amazing pieces of wonder – the tasks they undertake both mentally and physically on a daily basis are phenomenal! When I think about the concept that the food and drink we consume fuels the energy to accomplish all this – it totally blows my mind!! I mean I get how fuel in a car ignites to propel a piston down and in turn drive the engine but how food converts to energy in our bodies..WOW!! I can only explain it by ‘Because…Nutrients’

This for me, is why its counter productive for corporate food companies to… well, be supplying food and drink. Their priority is not to provide a nutrient dense food source for our bodies to perform optimally but to ensure their shareholders maintain a optimal return on their investment. Is it all doom and gloom?? Unequivocally NO! The future is in locally made produce and its already happening. There are so many awesome Perth cafes and fantastic food and drink producers who are creating what I like to call ‘soul bliss food’ on a daily basis. Roark and Co’s mission (and a dang good reason to choose an independent food supplier) is to get this ‘soul bliss food’ out to people who may not normally have the opportunity to do so, and with the intention to supply nutrients and taste and awesomeness.