Nutrifying Perth One Workplace at a Time

This is the beginning of my dream to unshackle the chains of corporate life and help all the awesome local artisan healthy food producers of Perth get their produce to willing peeps stuck in the office or workshop.

This idea Roark and Co started because I am totally in love with Perth. Apart from being a fantastic city with beautiful rivers and stunning landscapes – there are some pretty amazing people that live here. I am constantly in awe of the talent in music and arts, and also the creativity that exists around creating healthy, nutritious, gorgeous, and tasty food and drinks. I’m lucky in the respect with my job I can get out and sample some of this creativity but I realise others do not have that luxury OR are so busy they don’t get time to during the week…

….Enter Roark and Co. A website dedicated to curating the BEST wholesome, tasty, blissful, uplifting food and drinks made locally in Perth and delivering it direct to your workplace.