Our Partners

Here at Roark and Co, we absolutely love love love the evolution of food and fresh produce that is grown and made right here in Perth! Which is why we are committed to only using local produce partners in our premises. Every one of our partners has a great story to share which is why we’ve created this page for you to enjoy….

Kommunity Brew

Perth freshest Kombucha, made locally, we are stocking Kommunity Brew’s bottled range of delicious Kombuchas for you to enjoy….

Breadtime Story

Located in Hamilton Hill, Fremantle, This Breadtime Story began in a farm house in Germany.
The art of baking traditional handcrafted sourdough bread was handed down to Evelyn Krumholz by her grandmother and brought to life in her woodfired oven.
Now living in Fremantle, Evi has brought her passion baking and serving delightful healthy food to families and cafés in WA.

Cheezus Cheese

Made in the WA hills, this awesome, spreadable cashew cheeze that goes in whatever you like and is also suitable for anyone with dairy intolerance.

Cheezus Cheeze – It’s cultured!

Antz Inya Pantz

Our coffee is sourced from local company Antz Inya Pantz. When it comes to coffee, their focus is on quality. This means first-rate coffee beans, excellent coffee roasting equipment and highly skilled coffee roasters. Freshness is also very important at Antz Inya Pantz Coffee Company. They roast virtually every day to ensure the coffee available in-store and the coffee delivered to you is as fresh as possible.


Crunchbox is a Perth based catering company specialising in animal product free, plant based desserts, with a passion for food and wellbeing.