What’s in a Name? Roark and Co.

When I came up with this idea I struggled to find a name that best encompassed all the products and goodness of Perth I want to highlight. There was ‘Cold Brew Kids’, ‘Juice Willis’ (props to Shazbot for that one!), ‘Workplace Taste’ … the list goes on…

So I thought more about the values that this idea represents and then it hit me like that feeling when you bite into a quality raw cheesecake for the first time – Howard Roark. Howard Roark is the lead character from my favourite book of all time – ‘The Fountainhead’ by Ayn Rand.

In the story Roark is an architect who is uncompromising on his values and how he wants to design buildings. He sees buildings as an extension or part of the land they are in – a type of symbiotic relationship between structure and earth, and wants to create the best possible building for that space. Anyways his style is not in line with the current school of thought in architecture so Roark suffers a lot of persecution. He gets kicked out of Architect school, has newspapers conspire against him, colleagues steal clients, big business tries to bankrupt him, you name it – it happens to him. Yet Roark does not compromise on who he is and what he does ie design buildings that are true to his philosophy. And whilst the majority do not employ his services there are a few that do – the ones that get it.

I know myself I have only just started to ‘get it’. In the last few years I have really began to understand how important it is to eat good, local, nutrient dense, tasty food. And I realise not everyone is ready for this journey but for the ones that are there is now – Roark and Co.